Package Peak

A backup and Composer delivery service for ThemeForest and CodeCanyon

Envato's marketplaces, like ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, are massive sources of WordPress plugins and themes used across the globe. It's also terribly inconvenient to use. Package Peak aims to solve that.


Back up your purchases

When an Envato author updates their theme or plugin, the old version is gone as far as Envato is concerned. You'll have to track down the author directly to request an old version if something went wrong.


Stop juggling logins and keys

Every plugin and theme wants to implement its own updater, which means configuring keys in your database or logging into a bunch of different Envato accounts. Authenticate Package Peak against all your clients' Envato accounts and download everything in one place.


Available via Composer

Modern PHP lovers want our dependencies managed, so we turn to Composer. For WordPress, tools like WPackagist make this easy for public plugins and themes. Package Peak makes your Envato purchases just as accessible.